Products we work with.

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Products we work with.

Personalized Stamps Products.

We work with Colop one of the best trademarks and manufacturers about rubber stamps.
They supply us with main consumable products, like rubber, ink pads, wood handles and automatic self inking stamps.

COLOP manufactures from Wels (Austria).

Rubber Stamp, Perfect for custom stamps

Laser Rubber.

The blue laser rubber is the absolute top model in the COLOP range and is absolutely odourless.

Automatic Self Inking Stamp.

Personalized Stamps, we got a lot of sizes to get a wide expreience to our costumers. These are a Colop Printer stamps.

Produced in high quality materials for reliable, regular and comfortable use.
Available in all kinds of formats from rectangular to round. For eye-catching and outstanding imprints.



Ink Pad. Necessary if you buy a wood handle stamp.

Coloured Ink Pads.

COLOP's stamp pads are sturdy, whether made of plastic or metal. The accessory for traditional hand stamps. Available with a solid plastic- and metal housing



Wood Handle stamp. Fits perfect for Custom and crafted stamps. For Signature, Address, Books, Wedding, Return, Company, Business.

Wood Handle.

The high-quality wooden stamp sets offer creatives as well as craft and decoration enthusiasts a large selection of different stamp motifs on various leisure topics in trendy and colours.


Now you know a little bit more about our main materials in COLOP (link)
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